Corn Maze celebrates UTEP’s 100-year birthday


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La Union Corn Maze is located at 1101 New Mexico 28, Anthony, New Mexico.

Kimberly Valle, Staff Reporter

This year’s La Union Maze will be showcasing their art, which has been created by a group of professionals who have been doing this for years. The design involves the addition of a birthday cake along with candles numbered 100 on top in recognition of the UTEP’s centennial.

“I came up with something that will indicate the 100 years and I thought of a birthday cake,” said Lucy Sondgeroth, owner and founder
of the maze.

Sondgeroth and her husband started the La Union Maze in 1999, along with other partners. About five years ago, they became independent and now fully own the 14-acre maze located just about 10 minutes outside the El Paso city limits. La Union Maze opened to the public at the
end of September.

“In the last 15 years, we have grown, we’ve added all kinds of activities. Back in the day it was a small maze, just a little tent, nothing else and people would get lost and leave,” Sondgeroth said. “Now we have a huge area where people can stay and enjoy.”

To make it unique, a Bhutanese building and UTEP’s logo were also added to the corn maze’s design.

Sondgeroth wants to remind the community about UTEP’s commitment to higher education in the borderland area for the last 100 years.

“We are very excited about our theme this year. I think UTEP has been a great institution and has done a terrific job educating for 100 years,” Sondgeroth said. “Just thinking about the thousands and thousands of people that have been through UTEP. We thought it would be great to honor their 100th year.”

Many UTEP students are looking forward to this event. Gabriela Faivre, senior special education major, said she attends La Union Maze every year with friends, and she is excited to bring her family with her.

“I’m so exited, because it is just a fun event, full of activities. I go every year and, to me, it just keeps getting better,” Faivre said. “Getting lost in the maze is a fun adrenaline that
one gets into.”

Other students will be experiencing La Union Maze for their first time this year.

“I’ve never been there before, so I’m not too sure what to expect, but I hope it is something fun to look forward to,” said Roy Robertson, senior multidisciplinary studies major.

The employees will hand out maps to attendees right before they enter the maze. Maps will have areas to be on the look out for and will provide an idea to know where you are located. Employees have bridges at the maze and will be walking around just in case someone gets lost.

Sondgeroth advised attendees not to go alone, and said it’s best to go with a group of people.

“I think it’s nice to have places where families can spend time and not worry about anything else for a few hours,” Sondgeroth said. “There isn’t a whole lot of things in El Paso where the whole family can do together. You have something for the kids to do, the parents can join, the whole gang is doing something.”

La Union Maze also provides other activities during the year such as pig racing, picking out pumpkins at their pumpkin patch, concession stands, slides, a huge jumping pillow that holds up to 15 people and
kettle car rides.

For more information visit or call 549-1323.

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