UTEP alumn offers a new way to wake up


Michaela Roman

The Coffee Box is set to open in late October or early November. It is located on the corner of Mesa and Main St.

Kimberly Valle, Staff Reporter

A new coffeeshop is coming soon as Stacking of the Coffee Box brings a unique touch in the city’s downtown area. It is set to open

UTEP alumni, Nahum Avila and Miguel Veloz co-owners of the Stacking of the Coffee Box, teamed up on and came up with the idea that will combine both of their passions, coffee and business.

“I have been a coffee drinker for most of my life, and I am very pleased to be able to share this passion with others,” said Avila.

According to co-owners, it took a year for plenty of research from both to assure where would be the best place for the coffee shop.

“We analyzed the market and saw potential on the location, we further discussed whether we should lease a space or build the location,” Avila said.

Once the research was done Avila and Veloz approached to the architects and they came up with the layout of the shop.

“I really liked the idea of bringing something unique to downtown El Paso, something that can even become a land mark for visitors coming to our great city,” Avila said.

What makes this coffee shop so unique from others is their architecturethe stacking of two cargo containers, one slid off to the side. Avila got the idea of this blueprint by sighting people using the cargo containers to build houses, hotel rooms and offices.

“I thought it would be and interesting architecture if it could be used for a coffee shop,” Avila said.

Avila said this concept took a lot of effort and encourages interested students, who are contemplating on starting their own business after graduation, to think outside the box.

“One thing that many people fear is to share their ideas, specially because they might think that someone will steal it away,” Avila said. “If you have an idea share it, share it with positive people that might want to help you during the process, they might think you are crazy but if they see your vision they will help along the way.”

Avila and Veloz will focus on bringing the finest coffee quality to the city and are proud to offer their locally roasted coffee to the shop. The stacking of the box will also offer deliveries to the offices around the shop.

“I believe El Paso is growing so fast and we are really proud to be part of the great development happening in the city we call home,” Veloz said.

Since their ground-breaking ceremony the Stacking of the Coffee Box on Aug. 27, the coffee shop has gotten a lot of interest and positive feedback from residents that are interested in the project.

Jackie Candelaria, senior electrical engineering major is eager to taste the coffee shop’s locally brewed coffee and the atmosphere that the Stacking of the Coffee Box will bring to the area.

“The structure itself is very modern which is appealing in many ways. I am excited to taste their coffee and I know I will be visiting this location,” said Jackie Candelaria senior electrical engineering major.

“We didn’t expect such a great media coverage and we love to know that we are bringing something that El Pasoans want,” said Avila.

Kristen Sobrino, sophomore business and accounting major said that although she is not a coffee fanatic, she is excited for new businesses opening up on downtown.

“With the new ballpark I think we need more places like that as far as catering more to our generation. I am very excited to see what’s in store for the coffee shop. I’m excited to see how it turns out,” Sobrino said.

Though it will be a bit of a walking distance from UTEP, it won’t stop coffee lovers like Judith Gutierrez, junior pre-nursing major.

“I’m excited to see how people will react to having a home grown coffee shop rather than Starbucks, which is a huge corporation. The design of the coffee shop is different and unique which is perfect for El Paso,” said Gutierrez.

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