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Batman v. Superman Dawn of Justice, teases audiences again

Yesterday at the San Diego Comic-Con Gal “Gaddot” was shown for the first time in the Wonder Women outfit she will be wearing in the “Batman” and “Superman” movie. Her appearance in the outfit is not striking, but is enough to satisfy what will be a pivotal role in the film in anticipation of a “Justice League” movie.
However, her debut in the iconic costume was trumped by what has got to be one of the coolest trailers in the history of filmmaking. Audiences in the infamous “H- hall” got to see “Batman” and “Superman” in a juicy 30 second teaser.

Batman stood on top of a building apparently in Gotham. With rain pouring upon the caped crusader his bluish glowing eyes stared straight into the pitch black sky. Illuminated by a lightning bolt, he could be seen wearing his mecha armored suit that can be referenced in Frank Miller’s “The Dark Knight Returns.”

Looking down, the Dark Knight pulled down a lever which turned on the “Bat Signal,” which pierced the night sky with the large bat emblem as it’s capstone.

The angle of the camera changed and floating above “Batman” was “Superman” clutching his fists and staring down at the Dark Knight with heat vision glaring in his eyes. Another lightning bolt revealed the “Man of Steel’s” suit, but the lighting mostly kept a constant silohuette of the hero.

The clip ends with “Batman” staring back.

An iconic teaser that carries so much comic history is showed a glimpse of what this movie could be and that Zach Snyder knows exactly what he’s doing. 

Another clip featuring Batman listening to Zod’s speech in the “Man of Steel” that is thought to be a leak released earlier this summer was also one of intrigue, but is still not considered to be cannon with the film. What is confirmed are a couple of photos aside from this teaser that showed Ben Affleck as the Caped Crusader, the Batmobile and Henry Cavill as Clark Kent and Superman standing in what looks like Gotham. 

With the story still a mystery, it is hard to say what’s going to happen. Currently, it is believed that with so much of Metropolis destroyed, Lex Luthor is behind rebuilding the city’s infrastructure. What that could mean is that in the upcoming movie, as mankind is adjusting to Superman’s presence, Lex who is a corrupt businessman will begin developing his hate for Superman while gaining more and more power.

Hopefully we get to see the development of Clark Kent and Lois Lane in their role as a duo and as journalists. 

The link with Batman I speculate is going to be Bruce Wayne’s suspicions of Superman especially since he was responsible for destroying a large part of a big city and that he may pose a threat to mankind. 

As I said before, “Superman” has been shown in Gotham two out of the three times they show him, so it may be that the story’s setting will mostly be there.

If this movie is centered around an epic battle between the two, it may be what provokes Wonder Woman into the scene and eventually an alliance will be formed. 

What I hope happens is that with appearances from other heroes that the movie does not take its focus off of Superman and Batman. The film’s title “Batman” v. “Superman Dawn of Justice” is a reference that it’s the beginning of the Justice League, but the two most iconic comic book superheroes have never shared a live-action film together and for those who enjoy reading about both heroes should get to see a well developed film around the two. 

So far, this movie is looking good and all anyone can do is rub their hands together and smirk at their friends next to them, as I often do. With a year and a couple months to go for the premiere, the wait is going to be a real task.

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Aaron Montes, Staff Photographer
Aaron Montes is a junior multimedia journalism student at the University of Texas at El Paso. He graduated from Burges High School in 2010, where he was the head photographer for three years with his yearbook organization, Hoofbeats, the newspaper, Stampede and a literary magazine, Pegasus. With The Prospector, Aaron has been a photographer, the photo editor and multimedia editor. His major contributions to the publication have come through coverage of the ASARCO and City Hall demolitions and with the bomb threat on campus March 28th. He plans on doing investigative reporting in political and economical issues in El Paso and nationally. He strives to become part of the Associated Press.
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Batman v. Superman Dawn of Justice, teases audiences again