Run, Hillary, Run!


Javier Cortez, Sports Editor

I really hate American politics for one simple reason—it’s all bullshit, or to put it in more decent terms, it’s a façade. There’s corruption, lies and pointless dialogue that fills the airwaves of American politics.

In a recent interview with CNN, Bill Clinton cryptically said that he doesn’t want his wife to run for president, but at the same time he said it would be fine if she did.

“We’ve reached a point in our life when we think you really shouldn’t run for office if you don’t have a clear idea of what you can do and a unique contribution you can make and you can outline that,” Clinton told CNN’s Anna Coren. “Now that the book is done, she wants time to think about that and work through it. I think so much of politics is background noise, and we don’t need the background noise anymore.”

Anyone who knows the history of the Clinton’s knows that they have more “background noise” than just about every other political couple, duo, family or whatever you want to call it. Let’s be honest, Bill doesn’t want Hillary to run because of the campaign-shit-storm it would cause when election time comes around.

The worst thing about American politics is how it is covered and presented to the public—every four years, candidates from each party and biased media outlets deviate from important issues at hand and focus on hurling shit at each other for six months.

If Hillary runs in 2016, you can bet your bottom dollar Fox News and whatever Ruplican nominee will bring up the Whitewater scandal, the Lewinsky scandal, the Benghazi scandal and anything else they can get their hands on.

When Clinton says, “you really shouldn’t run for office if you don’t have a clear idea of what you can do,” that is complete and utter bullshit. Do you really think Republican and Democratic nominees are really going around the country talking about economic stimulus bills, GDP inflation and the nuances of socialized health care and “Obamacare”?

The future nominees are going to do the same things they always do. Republicans will talk about smaller government, God, guns and a strong military. Democrats will talk about cutting taxes for the poor, same-sex marriage and the dreaded health care argument.

Presidential campaigns are fixated on a dumbed-down rhetoric, no politicians go into complex or in-depth issues, it’s reductionism 101. Politics in this country are mired in antiquated debates such as abortion, freedom of religion and so on.

Bill Clinton doesn’t want to spend the next four to eight years of his life going through all of this again and that’s understandable. But America really needs Hilary to run and win this upcoming presidency, not because she will pass any meaningful legislation or change the landscape of the American economy, but because she is a woman.

Hilary winning the 2016 presidency would be a huge step in women overcoming years of oppression, just like Obama did six years ago with race. Socially, her winning the presidency is something this country needs. The United States still has problems with women and minorities in the forefront, even though minority groups keep getting larger and now there are more women in college than men.

So what if she faces bigots from the right and turns in a mediocre presidency?
It most likely wouldn’t be her fault , anyway. The Senate and the House are full of intransigent members and she would probably deal with similar problems that Obama has faced, but in her case it would be bigotry and male chauvinism. The social change that 16 years of Obama and Clinton could bring about would be great for this country, and there would most likely be a huge proliferation in voter interest for the next generation to come.

In conclusion, Bill Clinton should shut up and put a big smile on his face for the next four to eight years as the first husband. It’s not like she can cause any more grief than he did, unless there are some young handsome White House interns in 2016.

Javier Cortez may be reached at [email protected]