Library accommodates for finals week

Amanda Guillen, Multimedia Editor

Every semester the library and its staff prepare for finals week by opening its doors for 24 hours so that students can prepare for their upcoming exams and projects.

Starting on Sunday and ending on Friday, the library will serve as a temporary home for students.

The library is not the only facility that will accommodate to students needs. Sodexo will keep Jazzman’s café open for 24 hours.

Robert Stakes, associate vice president of information resources and planning for the UTEP Library says that the staff is allocated in order to keep the library open and
available for students.

“We reassign staff, as well as pay our staff overtime to work the additional hours for finals week,” Stakes said.

Stakes said that hours of operation play an important role when it comes to successfully serving UTEP students.

“There could be students who don’t have access to a quiet place, who might not have the resources and technology to study for finals,” Stakes said. “Also here, they have a place to get together and study with their study groups. We make sure that we have our food service staff available as well as security to ensure that our students stay safe.”

Security escorts will be available for students who stay late at night and need an escort to their vehicle.

Senior Spanish major Brenda Rodriguez said she is going to use the library services this upcoming week.

“I think this has been a great help,” Rodriguez said. “I prefer to do all my studying here at UTEP than going home because then I
tend to procrastinate.”

Although the library is fully staffed and ready, it has had some minor setbacks.

Handling a large influx of students and a full functioning staff for 24 hours is a difficult task, Stakes said.

“Making sure we have the right staffing that can answer any students questions or concerns is what can be challenging,” he said. “We want to make sure the students are taken care of, we do this for them.”

Stakes said that the library has also doubled the number of study rooms since 2006, which has alleviated some demand for groups seeking a more private venue.

Sophomore multimedia journalism major Amy Licerio is part of the large group of students who are going to the library for finals.

“The only time I use the library is for finals week, and I appreciate everything they offer because I know that it helps,” Licerio said. “I get out of work at 10 p.m. so it is nice to have the library open.”

Amanda Guillen may be reached at [email protected]