Despite weather, the soak down of the century prevailed


Michaela Roman

Students take part in the third-annual Miner Soak Down.

Michaela Roman, Photo Editor

Despite the wind and cold weather, approximately 500 registered and attend the Miner Soak Down––UTEP’s largest water balloon fight, hosted by the Student Alumni Association.

 Naming it the “Soak Down of the Century,” students were able to participate in this free third-annual event on April 30. By 3 p.m., 20,014 bio-degradable water balloons were already being laid on the Sun Bowl Stadium, awaiting the arrival of 5 p.m. for the fight to officially start.
Monica Castillo, DJ from Power 102, was invited to the event for the third time in a row, as  the emcee.
According to the Student Alumni Association, Miner Soak Down is a social event that takes place right before finals week and offers a chance for students to relieve their stress.
With the help of many organizations such as the Residence Hall Association, MAES/SHPE, Alpha Lambda Delta, Medical Professionals Organization, Student Government Association, Greek Life, and the Mexican America Science Engineering organization, Miner Soak Down was considered a success, according to students.

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