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Colbert selling out by moving to ‘Late Night’

Millions of anti-Colbert critics who campaigned on Twitter for Stephen Colbert’s show, “The Colbert Report,” to be cancelled might’ve just had their prayers answered by the all-mighty CBS gods.

David Lettermen recently announced that he will be retiring from “The Late Show” in 2015, and Colbert will be replacing him.

John Stewart, host of “The Daily Show” and long-time pal of Colbert, thinks he’ll be great for the show.

“He’s got some skill sets that are really applicable, interviewing-wise, but also he’s a really, really good actor and also an excellent improvisational comedian,” Stewart said in a Thursday interview with Vulture Magazine. “He’s also got great writing skills. He’s got a lot of the different capacities. Being able to expand upon (those) would be exciting.”

I’m not going to lie. I’m not a die-hard Colbert fan, but I love what Colbert stands for.

Like Stewart, yet in his own distinct way, he acts as the funny, witty voice of satire. He’s the undying voice of sarcasm that points out the ridiculousness of politics.

But more than anything, he is a critic, who smartly and thoughtfully uses humor to point out absurdities, disparities and injustices.

The genius behind shows such as “The Colbert Report” is that it gives Colbert the freedom to be funny and critical at the same time.

However, I fear as a host for “The Late Show,” the character Colbert made famous, will be gone.

“The Late Show” caters to a completely different audience than “The Colbert Report.” It will change everything we know, appreciate and love or hate about Stephen Colbert. He will cease to be Stephen Colbert and be something else—some celebrity pleasing, CBS catering, smiley-faced mannequin.

“The Late Show” is a feel-good late night show. It’s about the top 10, interviewing celebrities and that one bald guy with the saxophone.

It’s superficial. It’s one-dimensional.

I think Colbert sold out for what I’m sure is a pretty hefty sum.

I can’t blame him, but how can one go from “The Colbert Report”—where you can openly make fun of the Vatican and President George H.W Bush and be applauded for it—to “The Late Show,” which is highly politicized.

I think this was a purposeful move bureaucrats are using to censor one of the few critical voices that exist in the media. Stewart–you better look out.

Colbert and Stewart often act as the lone voices of criticism against mainstream media, and their lack of in-depth reporting. Mainstream media is increasingly acting like a form of entertainment that over-sensationalizes the news and protects the interests of its conglomerate owners.

Removing Colbert from the duo deprives audiences of a critical voice that is greatly needed in an environment that increasingly lacks criticism.

Maria Esquinca may be reached at [email protected].

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Colbert selling out by moving to ‘Late Night’