From a blogger to a fashion guru

Andrea Acosta, Entertainment Editor

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From a very young age, Jacquline Padilla, senior bilingual education major, always loved the art of fashion. She often expressed it by sketching dresses and coming up with various outfits.

She started a personal blog in November 2012—not knowing that the hobby would give her a new set of opportunities.

Padilla was selected to become a professional Simon Malls blogger and was given a style setter position in May 2013.

“I heard about the blog entry contest through a coworker, Ida Zegarra,” Padilla said. “She had received an email stating that Simon Malls was looking for applicants for the blogger and style setter positions and gave me the information, because she believed the position was perfect for me.”

The selection process to become a blogger for Cielo Vista includes answering a questionnaire pertaining to the fashion industry and submitting a personal blog, Padilla said.

“I submitted everything on December 2012, and after a few weeks passed I thought I wasn’t selected,” Padilla said. “In May, however, I was contacted and was confirmed that I had gotten the position.”

Padilla said that her motivation to be a blogger and get involved with the fashion industry started her senior year in high school, and she is now currently contemplating the idea of letting it become part of her higher education.

“I believe that blogging has made me want to pursue all my interests and career options. Although I love being an education major, I want to continue my higher education with something pertaining to the advertisement and marketing field,” Padilla said.

Blogging has allowed her to step out of her comfort zone. As a Simon style blogger, Padilla has the task of informing readers about the latest trends, hottest sales and styling tips.

“The blog has pushed me to try trends that I normally would have been too self-conscious to give it a shot,” Padilla said. “It really has helped me realize that it is something I should pursue and continue in.”

Padilla’s blog features different items that are affordable for a college student. “It’s not where you got it, but how you wear it,” is the advice she adopted from her aunt. She has let it become her blog’s motto.

“I am a college student and I know all about wanting to change up your wardrobe while not wanting to go into debt. An outfit marked at an outrageous price shouldn’t keep you from losing your confidence in wanting to dress how you want to,” she said.

Some of her posts are, “assymetrical is the way to go,” “classy, sleek and light,” and “corduroy craze,” among others.

In order to talk about the latest trends and how to style them, Padilla takes fashion inspiration from celebrity Cara Delevingne, professional bloggers such as “The Man Repeller” and “Late Afternoon” and everyday people she interacts with along with magazine fashion articles.

“I love combining different prints and textures tying them together with timeless pieces such as the little black dress. I believe doing so, creates endless options to outfits and makes you stand out,” Padilla said. “Black skinnies, chambray shirts, nude pumps and stripes should all be key pieces to any girl’s wardrobe. Personally, I’m obsessed with necklaces, which in my opinion can change an outfit completely. It is also the easiest way to dress up whatever you are wearing.”

Using trends from the past to influence modern-day styles is an example that fashion is evolving. Her definition of fashion is to take a trend and make it your own.

“Individuality is what creates fashion,” Padilla said. “It is a form of art for those who create and design pieces and for those who wear them. It allows people to have self-expression and confidence. These two key points are something that I think anyone would place high value on.“

Ida Zegarra, Padilla’s co-worker said that the minute she received the email from Cielo Vista Mall, she new Padilla was the perfect candidate.

“I have known Jacqueline since Fall 2012 and everyone in the office would always compliment the way she dresses,”Zegarra said. “I really enjoy reading her blog posts. I end up learning what is in style now, because of what she writes in her blog. As a matter of fact I recently told her that I did not know blue lipstick was in, if it wasn’t for a recent blog post of hers.”

In the future Padilla hopes to see her blog grow and develop to a larger scale, being able to reach more readers and possibly interviewing fashion icons and collaborating with some of her favorite stores, which include H&M, Forever 21, SheInside and Buffalo Exchange.

She said that for anybody who is contemplating starting their own blog, confidence is the key.

“Just do it! Don’t be intimidated by other blogs you view or the chances that your blog might not be liked. You need to start somewhere, and with time, your blog and writing sytle will improve and flourish,” Padilla said.

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