A sold out concert

Lorain Watters, Editor

Green, yellow and purple neon lights danced to synth beats, thumping and pulsating against brick walls and beer bottles with the electro rhythms.

The air buzzed with Digitalism. The German electronic duo made up of Jence and Ismail Tuefekci, took the stage Saturday, March 1 as part of their 2014 DJ Tour.

Johnny Escalante, owner of J&K Present, a local company that seeks new music for El Paso, managed Digitalism’s appearance at the Lowbrow Palace.

With the previous deejay remixing 80s tunes, the venue bursted at the seams with fans trying to make their way to center-stage. By 10 p.m., bouncers closed the gate to a sold out show, leaving bystanders to listen on the sidewalk in the chilled evening.

At 11 p.m., a familiar shaggy face appeared from the thwards of bodies, followed by a dorky blonde in glasses. Without an introduction, the duo took the turntables, adjusted knobs and slowly turned the small space into an electro house party.

Teasing the crowd, they played samples from their songs like “Fahrenheit 32,” and ultimately remixing their mixes.

Although they did not play songs off of their older albums like “I Love You” and “Idealism,” Digitalism was was still a crowd pleaser, exposing the crowd to newer experimental sounds and giving us a taste of what we can expect to see from them in the year to come.

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