UTEPIA will help students make safer spring break choices


Special to The Prospector

Jose Soto, Staff Reporter

UTEPIA an annual event that gathers different organizations and clubs from around campus to promote healthier and alternative options for students as they embark on their spring break hiatus and will be held at the union breezeway on March 4 at 10 a.m.

The event places overall health issues as its top priority during the event in which students can learn from safety tips to alcohol fostering.

“The goal is to promote a safer spring break for all students,” said Jessica Molinar, director of communications for the Centennial Office.  “We know students enjoy their spring break, but the event aims to create a university wide awareness of alternatives that they have in order to experience a healthier break from school.”

The event is also a way of different organizations/clubs collaborating with each other to support overall campus health.  With many of UTEP’s clubs, organizations, colleges and departments working together, UTEPIA creates a generalized proposal for all walks of life found throughout campus.  Every year, the event finds itself growing with more and more departments and organizations joining and more students flocking to obtain better information.

“UTEPIA is meant to embrace that excitement in a way that supports students, and arms them with the knowledge they may need. We don’t want to talk anyone out of enjoying spring break.  We just want them to be pragmatic about it.” said Sam Sosa Rodriguez, Student Organizations Management & Development Coordinator at SELC. “There’s a huge health component (including skin care, alcohol abuse, travel safety, safe sex, etc.) However, we also will be informing students of activities going on around the City in the event that they don’t plan to leave.”

Some of the departments who will be at UTEPIA are The Texas Department of Transportation, Texas Alcohol and Beverage Commission, UTEP Police Department, El Paso Health Department, Student Health Center, Coca-Coca, M Factor, amongst others. Music and entertainment will be provided by DJ Fresco.

“I think the idea behind UTEPIA is great,” said Jose Mendoza, senior media advertisement major.  “Its good to know your options and your choices when it comes to spring break, whether you plan to go elsewhere or stay here.  Knowing how to safely enjoy your time is always important.”

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