Springing up your fashion sense: trends for men

Jose Soto, Staff Reporter

As spring starts to bloom, it’s time for us men to allow our fashion sense to blossom. Stow away your dull, dark colors from winter and allow some sunshine into your closet. Spring 2014 is full of vibrant and exciting fashion measures we can all enjoy.

In case you are in need of some fashion guidance, here’s a compiled list of “must-haves” for spring, ensuring you be to have some fun in the sun while looking your best and feeling good about your appearance.

Floral prints—You’ll notice a lot of floral prints on shirts and T-shirts around spring. A great way to stray away from the plain and simple is to add some design to your shirts.  By having a fun print on a shirt, you can keep the rest of your outfit simple, if that’s what you’re going for.  Either way, be sure to have enough to last you the long days and fun nights of spring.

Double-breasted blazers—I know what you’re thinking: blazers, during spring? Indeed.  Not all blazers are made with enough padding to throw you back to the 80s. A thin double-breasted blazer will surely add class and a professional touch to your spring outfits.  This year, the double- breasted blazer holds the high honors above all other blazers. Versatile colors such as blue and yellow will allow you to mix and match your shirts with your blazer, so opt for soft and pastel tones when choosing a color.

Printed/coloredshorts—This might be a little too risky for some, but it is definitely a risk worth taking.  Try to stay away from the oversized cargo shorts. Spring calls for shorter-length shorts with either some adventurous prints or solid, yet bright colors.  Avoid matching prints, though, so either your shirts are solid or your shorts are. Printed and colored shorts allow you to stay fresh in the sun without compromising your fashion.  Try to keep lots on hand, as you’ll notice that wearing shorts in the breeze is better than wearing pants.

Colored skinny pants—Getting some colored skinny jeans and pants is a must this season as well.  The same rule applies for pants and jeans, but be daring and get a tighter pair than usual.  Nothing looks less appealing this spring than baggy, unflattering slacks.

Spring shoes—Boat shoes and knee-high lightweight spring boots are a must, depending on whether you’re opting for shorts or pants and jeans. Spare your tennis shoes for the gym.  This spring, invest in some fun footwear. My personal suggestion is getting TOMS. Not only do they add a philanthropic sense to your wardrobe, they look good with shorts, pants or jeans. So tchey’re good for day or night.

The whole idea behind spring fashion is to have fun. Try being bold and experiment with different prints and colors, but do avoid dark and opaque colors. Don’t be shy about not looking manly enough, it’s all about adapting to the new fashion concepts and starting this year with a fresh and upbeat approach.

Jose Soto may be reached at [email protected]