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The fashion of Sochi

Special to The Prospector

Like any other worldwide spectacle, the Winter Olympic Games have a lot of sparkle. The pride, the honor and the fashion were all combined and on display at the opening ceremony. The athletes dressed in their unique uniforms and paraded joyfully in a festive way during the procession as millions of viewers watched.

The anticipation for the winter games was full of excitement about the renowned athletes; especially the ones participating for the second or the third time, and even for the novice. The culture of the hosting country was an addendum to the trill. Russia is a country that has a lot of history behind it. One aspect that cannot be ignored at this global event is fashion.

The majestic scenery of the snowy mountains of Sochi gave the athletes the perfect frame to wear the appropriate clothing for the setting. The viewers can see that the designers took their time in creating the uniforms for the athletes. Flexibility, warmth and national colors are a must, and the athletes, for the most part, give the impression that they were very satisfied with their attire.

The United States national team looked contemporary and fashion forward at the opening ceremony in their uniforms designed by Ralph Lauren. The blue, red and white colors were blended in a magnificent pattern in their cardigans. The white stars, the USA team logo, an American flag and the Olympic rings are featured on it. The combination of fabrics, textures and colors gave the uniform a very nice look. The matching hats were a nice touch as well.

The hosting country’s athletes wore a suit in which the color red was predominant. The male athletes wore a jacket with name of their country on it, while some of the female athletes had the option of wearing a coat. The coat looked heavy with fluffy fur-like trimming. Not criticizing anybody, but it looked more like a Santa Clause coat! My favorite was their hats, which I found were really cute and complemented their outfits.

Some delegations looked very conservative in their uniforms, for example, Canada’s athletes, who wore plain red and black. The red coat was simple and as well as the pants. Another country that stayed in the same theme was Australia, with their white jackets and black pants and yellow hats–they were just too simple.

Other countries opted to go for very different looks. One delegation that caused a sensation because of the colors they chose was Germany. They opted for a rainbow-colored top with red pants. The athletes looked like life savers giving the parade a twist of uniqueness contrast to everything else. Mexico’s delegation, which it is very small, also caused some extra attention for their unusual choice. They wore a black uniform, which had a design that looked very much like a mariachi outfit. While unusual, everybody has a choice in my opinion.

The opening ceremony of the 2014 Winter Olympic Games was a worldwide phenomenon and millions of people had the opportunity to witness the greatness of bringing people together from all parts of the globe. The diversity of the cultures was definitely reflected in the attire of every athlete. The world was able to see the way each nation wanted to be remembered.

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The fashion of Sochi