The Prospector’s Monday night playlist

The Prospector staff

Every Tuesday The Prospector releases a print edition of our publication. This means a long day of work every Monday that usually carries on into late hours of the night.

Between editing stories, finding sources, designing pages and the occasional shout-match, The Prospector editors listen to music to help get them through the night.

Here are some of this weeks’ choices:

Jasmine Aguilera, Editor-in-chief: “Zorbing,” Stornoway-

Lorain Watters, Managing editor: “Idea of Happiness,” Van She-

Andres Rodriguez, Copy editor: “Adore You,” Miley Cyrus-

Andrea Acosta, Entertainment editor: “Let Her Go,” Passenger-

Edwin Delgado, Sports editor: “La Vida Gacha,” Caos-

Michaela Roman, Photo editor: “Shark Attack,” Grouplove-

Diego Burciaga, Design editor: “Step Out,” Jose Gonzalez-

Cristina Esquivel, Staff photographer: “Age of Consent,” New Order

If you would like to recommend music to any of us, send us an email at [email protected] You can also send us a tweet @UTEP_Prospector or like us on Facebook.