‘Momentage:’ A new app for storytellers

Christopher Zacherl, Staff Photographer

A new free mobile app, “Momentage,” might just be an “Instagram” killer. “Momentage” allows you to post photos and videos, just like “Instagram,” but it also contains a few other nice features. You may think it’s just a cheap copy of “Instagram,” but this app might actually have a fighting chance unlike other disappointing mobile applications like “Eyeem” and “Path.”

In today’s world people enjoy sharing moments in their lives through photos and videos more than ever before. “Momentage” allows users to do this quite easily. You have the option of posting photos and videos that can be edited on the same app, which is quite fascinating. The length of your videos can go as long as 20 seconds, which is five seconds more than “Instagram” videos.

“Momentage” also allows users to post SoundImages. A SoundImage is a photo enhanced with audio that can reach up to 30 seconds. This is a new feature that hasn’t been accessible on Instagram or any other social network.

The greatest thing about “Momentage” seems to be the creation of a series that contains an individual’s videos and photos in just one post. This allows other users to post their best photos and videos of an event onto one album (kind of like Facebook); which is another feature “Instagram” does not offer their users. This feature is great because we all follow that one person on “Instagram” who posts a ton of selfies or photos of an event in a matter of one hour. “Momentage” allows annoying people to post multiple photos in one upload, making it easier for you to ignore, perfect!

With all the great features “Momentage” has to offer, you would think this app should be able to knock out “Instagram” in a matter of a few months. Unfortunately, “Momentage” seems to attract more of an artistic crowd of people. The average person would probably just stick with “Instagram,”  as the app is just too powerful and users are comfortable with the way it is.

Another problem is that “Momentage” has been out since October 2013 and it has not really made a huge appearance in the app stores yet. This mobile app has many new interesting features, but it just doesn’t seem intriguing enough to take over any of the dominating social networks right now.

Fortunately, this app is perfect for people who are tired of seeing the same pictures all over “Instagram” and want to post photos and videos in a more creative approach. So if you’re tired of seeing selfies and photos of people’s meals, you should give “Momentage” a go.