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Frustrating, yet addicting

Michaela Roman / The Prospector

Soaring though the air is a little bird with white wings called “Flappy Bird,” which now has over 250,000 downloads. Released in September, “Flappy Bird” has endured every update and has gone viral around the world.

The goal of the game is to fly through a forest of green pipes without falling to the floor or crashing into a pipe.

Although the controls to “Flappy Bird” are simple, the player should beware because upon the start of the game, “Flappy Bird” will immediately plummet to the floor if you don’t know what you are doing. By tapping the screen once, the bird flaps its tiny white wings and moves upward.

If you don’t tap the screen, the bird will free fall to the floor until you tap the screen again. Once you have passed the first five seconds of the game and get adjusted to flying, large green pipes will appear above and below you and it becomes your job to maneuver the bird by tapping the screen to fly up or down.

Each pipe you pass counts as one point and the game ends when the bird crashes into the floor or a pipe.

You might think, if all you do is fly up and down through pipes, then why has this game become so popular? The answer is simple—it’s addicting. It is a game that allows you to challenge yourself by attempting to beat your previous score. By passing one more pipe than your previous run, you will feel satisfied until your bird smacks into the next pipe and you have to start from a score of zero once again.

The game is quick to reset itself after you fail and is one swift tap away from hitting the start button.

The game is available for iOS devices and for any smartphone that allows you to download apps.

During the first few attempts of the game, you will most likely not pass 10 pipes, however, don’t be discouraged. If you pursue the game and play it enough times to get comfortable with controlling the “Flappy Bird,” then you’re sure to soar above and beyond the high scores of your companions.

Amber Gomez may be reached at [email protected].

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Frustrating, yet addicting