Waterline breaks at construction site


Jaime Quesada

Water pours over the fence down the street from the Psychology Building.

Jaime Quesada, Contributor

A water pipeline at UTEP broke this afternoon at approximately 1:50 p.m. beginning at the construction site in front of Old Main. It is estimated that the pipeline was 12 inches in diameter in total. Water rushed down the street in front of Old Main and toward the Psychology Building. The water also flooded Kirby Avenue between the Union and the Education buildings. The water drainage ducts at the end of the Kirby Avenue kept the water from entering the Union. Currently, no injuries have been reported, but there may be some water damage to the Psychology Building as the water wasn’t shut off until 2:30 p.m. A crew from El Paso Water Utilities was able to shut the water off. The flooding has been stopped for now, but there is still no conclusive data on how much water was lost, or if this will affect campus or slow down construction.

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