App picks for November

Leonardo Montañez, Staff Reporter

With more than two billion iOS apps that are downloaded each month and 2.5 billion from Play Store, the following  are the best picks for the month of November, according to Apple and Android app markets.


“Cameo” is a cloud-powered app that allows the user to create short films with their iPhone. Unlike apps such as “Vine,” “Cameo” supports up to a two-minute short film without eating away the storage of the iPhone thanks to its cloud memory and, of course, instantaneous share on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Tumblr.

It has an unlimited video creation and supports 720p HD videos within the app. But what makes it different from many of the others is its editing capabilities that allows you to work with the creative side of a short film, such as trimming and adding filters, music or soundtracks from the owner’s iTunes library.

“Cameo” also allows you to see other people’s creations and follow other users. It can be downloaded for free at the Apple Store and is 13.3 MB.

“TuneIn Radio”

“TuneIn Radio” is for Android devices and makes listening to the radio on the go much easier with live stations, including music and other shows.

The app is free and according to the Play Store, it has over 100,000 live stations and two million podcasts, concerts and shows for Android phones and tablets.

“TuneIn Radio”  features all genres of music, talk shows, comedies, sports, news talk and has the option to recommend stations and record a show to listen to later.

Also, “TuneIn Radio” has a website that allows users to listen to any of their live stations at any time with a search box to look for specific stations while also giving some recommendations.  Visit for more information.

The “TuneIn Radio” app requires Android 2.3 and up and has a size of 8.6 MB and can be downloaded for free.

“Adobe Photoshop Express”

Just as it sounds, it is Photoshop on the go for Android and iOS devices. “Adobe Photoshop Express” is an editing app with the most basic and useful tools to correct and enhance photos.

It allows cropping, straightening, rotating pictures and has auto-fix options, a one-touch fix for white balance, exposure and contrast, which for many can be a real relief. The app allows the user to freely make their desired adjustments.

“Adobe Photoshop Express” has classic one-touch filters with more than 20 different themes and over 15 frames or border for the pictures. This app also allows for sharing on social networks.

“Adobe Photoshop Express” is a free app, but it offers more tools and packs for paying users and has a size of 1.3 MB for Android and 38.3 MB for iOS.

“Super Hexagon”

A highly addictive app game for Android and iOS, “Super Hexagon” involves spinning the pointer around a hexagon that is coming toward the player in a spiral fashion with walls. The objective of the game is to avoid these walls.

As simple as it may sound, the game is a lot of fun with incredible arcade-like music by Chipzel. As a mark of its worthiness, “Super Hexagon” was the runner up for best app game of 2012.

“Super Hexagon” not only offers addictive gameplay and epic retro music, it is, weirdly enough, a marvel to see thanks to its many different colored hexagons and it has received great reviews from video game companies such as IGN, who gave it a 9 out of 10 and Destructoid, who rated it a 10 out of 10.

It has a price of $2.99 for both devices and a size of 23.3 MB for iOS and 26 MB for Android.

The all-access premium services cost $11.99 and are 7.8 MB on iOS and 3.8 MB for Android.

Leonardo Montañez may be reached at [email protected]