New You Gym: ‘what makes it different’


Veronica Enriquez

New You Gym is located at 5020 N. Desert Blvd. Open Mon.-Fri. 5 a.m.-12 p.m. and Sat. 7 a.m. -12 p.m.

Nadia Garcia, Staff Reporter

Having opened this past June on the West side of El Paso, New You Gym, a Christian based gym, has currently trained 300 members with the hope of expanding further.

Owner and former UTEP student, Elizabeth (Lizzie) Martinez, said she had always exercised in ways apart from lifting weights.

“When introduced to weight-training, I fell in love with it,” Martinez said.
Martinez and her husband, Shane, began as trainers at several places, such as Planet Fitness, until they opened their first fitness studio in 2010 with only 30 members.

“It was my husband’s dream, he’s always been into fitness,” Martinez said.

The two now own New You Gym, located at 5020 N. Desert Blvd., and it features 12 trainers, who are each allowed to train only three clients at a time.

“What makes it different is that it’s private and personalized,” Martinez said.

New You Gym’s mission is to reach people in a positive way by changing peoples’ lives whether it is of unhealthy eating habits, obesity, depression or other problems. They do this by creating a friendly positive environment where anyone can feel comfortable working out, ultimately making fitness a passion for every member.

“The purpose of having a Christian-based gym is to cause a positive, self-reflective change in the world,” Martinez said. “It all starts with the trainer, who is positive and inspirational in helping you not only lead a healthier life but spiritual life with our Lord. We hope to spark a change for the better in our community and the world.”

The private personal-trainer gym offers both nutrition counseling, diet information and many other services that contribute to clients’ fitness skills and weight loss.

Martinez said that about 70 percent of weight loss is based on nutrition.

“We’re constantly adding things, we are very interested in informing our clients and explaining the importance of nutrition counseling,” Martinez said. “Every workout is tailored to your body type and created to benefit you.”

Members of New You Gym have 24/7 access to a cardio-workout studio, which is located two doors down from the main gym. According to Martinez, it includes a smoothie bar and will soon have a sauna.

“We do have people who come all the way from the East side,” Martinez said. “We hope to create more locations across the city.”

While at UTEP, Martinez studied marketing with a minor in education.

“We got into advertising with my marketing skills,” Martinez said.

Martinez said that nowadays social networking is a really big thing. Because of that fact, New You Gym currently has 1,500 followers on Instagram, 1,000 likes on Facebook and 70 before and after photos.

“We also have good customer service and word of mouth,” Martinez said.

For any business to have good customer service, it must hire good employees.

“I just love my job. I love the people I work with. It’s always positive,” said Kimberly Rayner, senior marketing major and personal trainer at New You Gym.“I started falling in love with fitness. In order to get IFTA certified and become a trainer, I had to undergo two months of shadowing and training.”

Rayner said that despite being a full-time student and a full-time trainer, she still finds ways to balance her interests, which is why she considers time-management and preparation to be important.

“I found it as an opportunity to help others, since it did a lot of good for me. It helps a lot of people with self-esteem everything,” Rayner said. “New You gym is helping people become happy with themselves and their fitness skills.”

Being city-based, mainly on Mexican-culture– including the calorie-heavy food– many may find it surprising to see such success in a gym.

“The city is working towards becoming a healthier El Paso,” Rayner said.

With places like New You Gym and restaurants such as The Green Ingredient, El Paso seems to be making a change.

“The gym providess a unique and friendly atmosphere. You have a personal trainer and motivator.

Nutrition, working out and being at peace is what New You is about,” said Veronica Chaparro, junior art major. First sessions are free. For more information, contact (913) 306-3383.

Nadia Garcia may be reached at [email protected]