Rain causes problems on campus

Aaron Montes, Leonardo Montañez, and Kristopher Rivera

Leonardo Montañez, Staff reporter

Students, faculty and staff have encountered problems commuting and maneuvering through campus due to severe flooding on campus and throughout the city.

UTEP Police Corporal David Falin said that, despite the flooding, it has not been as severe as previous years when the street drains were not functioning.

“Things have been flowing better… the draining has not been a problem anymore,” Falin said. “The only thing that has happened with the heavy rain are rocks falling down from the mountains.”

Isaac Esquivel, sophomore pre-business major, was not expecting for the weather to be so harsh and was unprepared.

“I have a night class at 7:30 p.m. and people didn’t show up,” Esquivel said. “So it has been pointless when five of us show up and the professor says ‘what’s the point of lecturing?’”

Esquivel said that one of the things that is frustrating to students is taking the risk of coming to school despite the possibility that class might be canceled.

“You have people coming from all sides of town,” Esquivel said. “It took me an hour to get here and class was supposed to start at 9:30 but started at 10 and we got out at 10:20.”

After Oregon Street was renovated, water now flows easily into the canal and prevents flooding at the Don Haskins Center.

“It would also flood really bad on Rim Road, near COBA (College of Business Administration), but as long as there isn’t any debris over the grates, it will do what it is supposed to do,” Falin said.

Ana Zarate, freshman biology major, rides the Sun Metro bus to school and did not make it to her first class because of the 30-minute delay that the bus encountered due to the rain.

“It’s been coming down really hard in this area,” Zarate said. “I’m just waiting for the rain to calm down a little bit when I have class.”

Along with a few minor accidents, an issue that the police department has been concerned about is students leaving the lights of their cars on while they go to class.

“We’ve had to jump their cars in the mornings, but we haven’t encountered any other problems,” Falin said.

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