New Nintendo 2DS Announced


Special to The Prospector

Nintendo announces the new 2DS.

Leonardo Montañez, Staff Reporter

Wednesday Aug. 28, Nintendo announced their new hand-held console, the 2DS. It features a slate-like profile rather than a folding design as its predecessors.

The 2DS will be compatible with all 3DS games and will play more than 2,000 DS titles. As its names suggests, it will not have the 3D feature. Still, the 2DS will have all of the 3DS functions such as WiFi, local multiplayer and sleep mode.

The controls are located next to the top screen. The left and right triggers will be on the top of the 2DS instead of on the area where the 3DS folded.

The 3DS will also have two cameras on the back for the augmented reality videogames and 3D photos. Although the photos cannot be displayed on the 2DS they can be transferred to the 3DS. It has one speaker for mono sound but has a headphone jack for stereo sound.

The system will available for $129.99 on Oct. 12 and will include a 4GB SD card and a charger with an optional carrycase priced at $12.99.

The 2DS will come in red and blue models with its release.

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