The Sun City Girls: The first professional dance team in El Paso


Veronica Enriquez

Girls lined up for the Sun City Girls team tryouts.

Andrea Acosta, Entertainment Editor

Currently creating the first professional dance team to represent the city to visitors; Cool Beans Effect-An Artist Management Company has chosen 32 talented and committed women, and are in the last stage of deciding on the final 16, who will be part of the first season of the Sun City Girls Dance Team.

CBE held auditions on Aug. 17 at the UTEP Memorial Gym and with more than 150 participants auditioning, 90 percent of who were UTEP students.

Chelsea Shugert, a UTEP senior dance major, said she was very excited to have made it into the final 32 and hopes to become a symbol of the city of El Paso.

“I went to the auditions very curious and of course excited for what this whole professional dance team since it personally sounded too good to be true,” Shugert said. “However the auditions went smoothly and it made me feel secure when I noticed the judges focused mainly on technique.”

Isaac William, team director and a UTEP alum, said he was pleased to see the passion and dedication exhibited by the participants.

“The 32 girls that were handpicked that are currently fighting to be in the top 16, showed immense dedication and drive that quite illustrates their unique behavior and personality,” William said.

Founded in 2009, CBE is a business management company that offers to guide the careers of talent pursuing the television, film and music industries.

Not only will the SCG represent the highest-quality team in the industry of professional dance, they will also represent physical fitness, strength, coordination, vitality and excitement-all qualities associated with the idea of the all-American girl, said Richard Rivera, CEO of CBE.

“The auditions went smoothly and this season started better than we had expected,” Rivera said. “We are welcoming hopefuls with open arms to be part of an organization that is comparable to the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders, LA Lakers and New York City Rockets.”

Although the 32 finalists will be signed for contract, only 16 will be active on city-wide events, not-for-profit events and personal appearances that will involve autograph signings. Currently, the 32 finalists are undergoing an intensive physical and dance training camp that started on Aug. 22 and is scheduled to end on Sept. 7, and selection of the final 16 participants will take place on Sept. 13.

“The other half of the finalists will still be under extensive training in dance and athletic technique and will have first picks on the next try outs,” Rivera said. “They will also be alternates and substitutes, meaning that they will replace a SCG who does not meet with the code of conduct on and off the field, or for any personal reasons. They will also be one step closer to become a SCG for next season.”

CBE will be partnering up with the Ivy Salon and The City Magazine-El Paso, who will dedicate a spread for the latest news and updates with the Sun City Girls. CBE has also joined forces with Gym G to provide the girls with a personal trainer and proper nutrition to keep them in tip-top shape.

“On top of getting paid for scheduled performances, the 16 SCG will be provided with make up and hair needs to prepare them to look their best for every performance at no cost, courtesy of the Ivy Salon in which we have teamed up with as well,” Rivera said.

SCG will start their first season with the El Paso Rhinos in October 2013.

“This project is to promote and showcase the quality of life here in El Paso. We are also providing them with experience that will look good on their resume,” Rivera said.

Shugert said that being part of such project will only help her become better as a professional dancer.

“This experience will help me tremendously, this is what I signed up for four years ago when I decided to pursue dance as my major,” Shugert said. “This experience makes me feel better about pursuing a career in professional dancing because I won’t have to go to LA or New York and get eaten alive because our dance scene is far from theirs, but instead I will have a foot in the door and make a name for this city through my accomplishments in the rest of the country. How exciting!”

Sergio Lewis, El Paso County commissioner, said that members of SCG will serve as role models as well as advocate for charities and non-profit organizations.

“The Sun City Girls will attract other citizens of this great nation to visit, work and live in the El Paso region, ultimately pursuing what they love to do,” Lewis said.

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