“The Odd Couple” Charms at the El Paso Playhouse


Veronica Enriquez

An action scene from "The Odd Couple."

Oscar Garza, Staff Reporter

Based on the acclaimed stage play by Neil Simon, “The Odd Couple” (the 1985 adapted female version) is a hilarious and poignant look at relationships and friendships among a group of six friends in New York City.
Olive, Vera, Renee, Mickey and Sylvie are all friends who like to laugh and gather together at Olive’s apartment to have a fun time, talk about their lives and play Trivial Pursuit. When Florence, who has just gone through a separation with her husband, becomes suicidal state, it is up to the other friends to prevent her from doing something catastrophic.
However, Olive and Florence decide on a life-changing move that could potentially solve all their problems. They can both live together and try to help each other despite the fact that they couldn’t be more different from each other, in terms of attitude and personality.
Weeks pass, and of course there is a clash between how the two women.Comedic sparks fly and create hilariously awkward situations when Olive invites the Costazuela brothers, her Spanish–speaking neighbors to come meet them.
Not only is the El Paso Playhouse’s production of “The Odd Couple” a fun night out to laugh and have a good time, but it is also a great way to support local talent, who deliver their “A” game with such stellar material.
Taking into consideration that the play has fantastic and witty dialogue, the entire cast has an incredible, relaxed and believable chemistry.
Yvette Crofford and Janet Furtney, who play Olive and Florence respectively, have a fascinating way to humor the audience, and as the story unfolds so does their relationship, by the situations that they find themselves trying work through.
From the very well-decorated set, (Olive’s apartment) to the fast, snarky dialogue and all the cast’s remarkable work, this is one comedy that will have audiences laughing and laughing all the way to the end.
Aside from Crofford and Furtney, the supporting characters of Vera, Sylvie, Mickey and Renee, are played by Alexandra Van Sweringen, Alexander Wright, Leslie Horvath and Kaye Forest respectively. They all did a great job in portraying their characters and making them come alive on stage.
One of the funniest scenarios of the play, a scene that is filled with moments of laughter, is the “date” between Olive, Florence and the Costazuela brothers. Florence is left alone with them and in the process tries to understand what they’re saying–in Spanish!
Scenes that involved Manolo (Isidoro Gomez) and Jesus (Eric Mijarez) were the funniest, as they create over-the-top, hilarious characters with the use of funny accents and props involving fake chest hair.
Besides being genuinely funny, touching and excellently performed, the production of “The Odd Couple” touches upon the idea of friendship and the bond between this group of friends, which is especially represented in the characters of Olive and Florence.
Go out and support this great rendition of Neil Simon’s classic play and laugh in the process, as this is a great opportunity to see some great talent and watch them perform these iconic characters.
The Odd Couple will continue till Sept. 7. Showtimes at 8 p.m. Friday’s through Saturdays at 2 p.m. Tickets: $10 ($8 seniors, $7 military/students with ID; $5 students under 18.)
For more information visit www.elpasoplayhouse.com or call (915) 532-1317.
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