The best experience yet

Alejandro Alba, Editor

Farewell, adios, see you later, alligator. There are many ways to say good-bye and writing a column is one of them. As you read this it may seem that I am writing a letter as I depart into the afterlife, but I am, essentially. I’m departing into the afterlife of being a UTEP student and a staff member of The Prospector. I have been with The Prospector for three years now. I remember how it was my mission to apply for the school newspaper on the very first day of college. For some reason I still had the high school mentality where if you don’t start from the beginning of the year, you have to wait until the following year. I did not want to wait and I was eager to start learning about my career path with actual experience. The Prospector has given me a great experience. It granted me the opportunity to keep moving up each semester. From correspondent to staff reporter, then to my first editorial position as multimedia/online editor, followed by becoming entertainment editor, now I hold the position of Editor-in-Chief. Throughout the years I have gained confidence, critical thinking and a passion for journalism—although I’ve had my moments of doubt. About a year ago, The Prospector became my home and my priority. It’s not good to admit this, but I would neglect my classes just to commit to the paper and carry out worthy issues twice a week. Working for the school newspaper, in fact, also made me cope with my stay at UTEP. It taught me how to get involved and engage with the community. My departure is due to my enrollment in a semester-long study abroad session, which will lead to my graduation. I’ll be in London for four months beginning in September. I can’t say I’m fully excited to be leaving though, because it hasn’t sunk in and I am leaving things behind. I know the experience will be grand and I will learn a whole lot. However, I will miss my work family and my immediate family. A farewell column wouldn’t be complete if I didn’t thank all those who helped me grow and dealt with all my errors, breakdowns and complaints. Therefore, I would like to thank Kathy Flores, the amazing (do it all) director of the office, Veronica Gonzalez, assistant director, and Lourdes Cárdenas, adviser for the newspaper. I’ve had an amazing time here, but I guess it’s your typical cliché I’m experiencing now. It’s time for one chapter to end and another to begin as I go onto other exciting experiences far away from home. Alejandro Alba may NOT be reached at [email protected]