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Voting for the presidential office, not the president

Christian Vasquez, Copy Editor

November 29, 2016

When voting for a president, you are not only voting for one person, but for the entire executive office that stands behind them. There are nearly 4,000 positions that a new president-elect must appoint to fill the positions ...

The first presidential debate—take two

Christian Vasquez, Copy Editor

October 11, 2016

The setting was different but the answers were the same during the second presidential debate which was held Sunday, Oct. 9 with Anderson Cooper and Martha Raddatz as moderators. Under the guise of “debate prep,” Trump held a press meet...

Your next President

Your next President

September 20, 2016

Trump visited Mexico last week causing controversy for his past comments on Mexicans.

Your next President

September 6, 2016

A race against time for third-party candidates

Christian Vasquez, Staff Reporter

August 23, 2016

When both major party candidates for the presidential election are the most disliked since 1980, according to a, common sense dictates that third-party candidates would have a higher chance of winning. But,...


Jasmine Aguilera, Copy Editor

February 23, 2016

A common misconception is that one voter doesn’t make a difference. You are one of about 674,000 people in El Paso, only one of about 27 million in Texas and a measly one of 319 million people in the United States. So the “eve...

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