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Letter to The Editor

Camila Trespalacios

November 17, 2015

My name is Camila Trespalacios, I am 21 years old, and am from Chihuahua, Mexico. I was born in El Paso, Texas, and am enrolled at UTEP working on a double major in communication studies and French. I arrived in Paris in September o...

Je Suis Charlie?

Maria Esquinca, Copy Editor

January 20, 2015

Two weeks ago, the offices of the magazine, Charlie Hebdo, were attacked by radical Islamists, which left 12 people dead. The magazine was notorious for publishing what many called Islamophobic depictions of the prophet Muhammed ...

World Cup Recap: Germany vs. France

Luis Gonzalez, Staff Reporter

July 4, 2014

It seemed as routine as a quarter final can be.  It was just another day at the office for Germany, who is more than accustomed to playing in this stage of a World Cup.  The Germans faced France, Friday in Maracana Stadium for...

World Cup Recap: France vs. Nigeria

Luis Gonzalez, Staff Reporter

June 30, 2014

Another tight and competitive match in this World Cup ends with talk of controversy directed towards a decision made by a referee.  France scored twice in the second half and defeated a tough Nigerian squad that seemed to fade...

World Cup Recap: Group E & F Results

Luis Gonzalez, Staff Reporter

June 25, 2014

South American countries have thrived in the group stage so far in Brazil, with all participants up to date having qualified for the round of 16. Today’s results from Groups E and F provided the first country from the host continent...

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