El Paso gets its first dose of The Cure


Veronica Enriquez

Robert Smith (vocals/guitar)

Kristopher Rivera, Copy Editor

Thursday night, the legendary English gothic rock band, The Cure, performed in El Paso for the first time in the band’s history. As the band members readied their instruments, Robert Smith stood on stage reserved like a shy boy, looking at a loud, multi-generational, cheering crowd at the Don Haskins Center. More than 7,500 tickets were sold for the concert.

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It’s not just Chippendale dancers who have to ability to rumble an audience with their dance moves. The Don let out a roar every time Smith did his quirky dancing on stage. Fans in different sections of the Don would hail to keep Smith’s attention anytime his eyes landed in their area.

Another lively figure in the show was Simon Gallup (bass guitar) who jumped around in adrenaline. He’d let his bass guitar hang to his side when he wasn’t playing. When the band came on stage, Gallup was squat down with a grave stare toward the audience in the front.

The band performed for about three-and-a-half hours, shuffling through favorites such as “Just Like Heaven,” “Friday I’m in Love” and “Lovesong” early in the set.

Smith sang “Pictures of You” in the middle of a glowing white screen of smoke,  setting a dreamy feel through most of the performance.

After 37 years, Smith was spotless and sounded just like he does in any of the 13 albums of the band’s catalog. It appears his voice hasn’t changed with his age.

Several times, Smith spoke to the audience but it was hard to understand what he said with his mumbling, English accent. His smile, however, was a sign that he was enjoying the night.

The band teased the crowd with three encores, each with a big ovation from the audience. Their encore sets included songs such as “Boy Don’t Cry,” “A Forest” and “The Lovecats.” The night wrapped up with “Killing an Arab.”

Overall, The Cure gave El Paso a great show, nostalgic for most.