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Eat & Drink

Best place to dance:

1st place – Little bit of Texas

2nd place – 301

3rd place – The Garden

Best sports bar:

1st place – Applebee’s

 2nd place – Buffalo Wild Wings


Best drink special:

1st place – Cabo Joe’s

2nd place – Applebee’s

3rd place – Soninc

Best margaritas:

1st place – Carlos & Mickeys

2nd place – Cabo Joe’s

3rd place – Andale

Best wings:

1st place – Wingstop

2nd place – Wingdaddy’s

3rd place – Buffalo Wild Wings

Best coffee:

1st place – Starbucks

2nd place – Kinley’s House Coffee & Teas

3rd place – Dunkin’ Donuts

Best Mexican food:

1st place – Taco Tote

2nd place – Carnitas Queretaro

3rd place – Andale

Best Chinese food:

1st place – Panda Express

2nd place – Lin’s Buffet

3rd place – Grand China Buffet

Best vegetarian food:

1st place – Souper Salad

2nd place – Subway

3rd place – Olive Garden

Best late night food:

1st place – Whataburger

2nd place – McDonald’s

3rd place – Taco Bell

Best sushi:

1st place – The Sushi Place

2nd place – Sushi Zen

3rd place – Sunny’s

Best pizza:

1st place – Peter Piper Pizza

2nd place – Pizza Hut

3rd place – The Pizza Joint

Best burritos:

1st place –Crisostomo

2nd place – Bonny’s Café

3rd place – Rafa’s Burritos

Best fast food:

1st place – Whataburger

2nd place – McDonald’s

3rd place – Wendy’s

Best breakfast place:

1st place – Village Inn

2nd place – IHOP

3rd place – Denny’s

Best BBQ:

1st place – Famous Dave’s

2nd place – Rudy’s

3rd place – Smokey’s

Romantic dinner:

1st place – Olive Garden

2nd place – Café Central

3rd place – Ardovino’s

Best ice cream:

1st place – Baskin Robbins

2nd place – Cold Stone Creamery

3rd place – Dairy Queen

Best music venue:

1st place –Tricky Falls

2nd place – Lowbrow Palace

3rd place – The Garden

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Eat & Drink