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Hispanics stereotyped since the start of the film industry

Kimberly Valle, Staff Reporter

September 30, 2014

As early as the silent film era, Latinos were one of the most stereotyped ethnicities in film. In 1910, “The Thread of Destiny” used the phrase “greaser” to depict Mexican as “banditos.” During the time when revoluti...

La historia de la presencia hispana en la Ene-Efe-Ele

Juan Carlos Navarrete, Staff Reporter

September 30, 2014

El mes de septiembre en Estados Unidos es el mes en que se celebra la cultura hispana y la NFL no se queda atrás. La liga aprovecha septiembre para recordar y celebrar aquellos jugadores de raíces hispanas que han impactado...

Students with disabilities struggle to find work

Jose Soto, Staff Reporter

September 30, 2014

The university is celebrating Ability Awareness Week from Oct. 13-17 with educational seminars a symposium and a resource fair aimed at bringing awareness about disabilities and how they may impact students. What some people m...

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