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S. David Ramirez
S. David Ramirez is currently an English and American Literature major wrapping up his final year at UTEP.

He has written for the Lakefront, the Thing Itself literary magazine, the Tejano Tribune and The Prospector.

When not striving for journalistic excellence, he helps organize fandom conventions around the Lone Star State, including El Paso Wintercon and San Japan, San Antonio’s largest Japanese culture and anime convention.

He hopes to spend his academic career educating the public about the dangers of Jane Austen and the medicinal benefits of reading the Brontë sisters.

His research in popular culture studies has taken him across the nation and he hopes to continue presenting findings on music, media and literature at future conferences.

David says his success is due to a pact with the dread Lord Cthlulhu of R’ley fame, but he may just be reading too much H. P. Lovecraft in his off time.

He is currently applying to graduate schools for communication rhetoric or writing and rhetoric. If you, or someone you know, is on these admissions boards, please contact him directly.

S. David Ramirez, Staff Reporter

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Assayer of Student Opinion.
S. David Ramirez