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There are certain times and seasons when advertising with The Prospector promises to be even more profitable to advertisers! Whether it’s in the Welcome Back issue, Basketball issue or the always-popular Graduation issues, The Prospector can provide you with prime advertising space in one or several of its many special issues. Readership increases with these highlighted issues. The editorial staff specifically tailors its stories and features around the targeted special topics and this will dovetail our readers right into your advertising. As an added bonus, these special issues are personally handed out to students on publication day. Don’t miss out and reserve your spot today!

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Fall 2013

August 27 – Welcome Back Everyone!

As the summer sessions at UTEP end and the fall semester begins, everyone is excited about the start of a new school year. Students are thinking about having fun and where to spend some cash!

September 3 – Miner Football Time

Support the Miners as they play their first game on home turf! Find out everything about our team and be ready to put your Picks Up! Get the inside look at this year’s team. Everyone wants to be part of  Miner Football.

September 23 – Creating Your Career

A college student’s main goal is to graduate and eventually find that perfect job and start a career! This is your opportunity to acquaint our readers with your company, advertise your presence at UTEP’s Career Fair or make sure our students use your services or products to look their best for that all-important job interview!

October 1 – Welcome Home Alumni

You’ve got a captive audience of loyal alums, who return to UTEP to celebrate homecoming, football and the UTEP Miners. All UTEP students, families and friends are eager to join the festivities. This is your chance to invite them to the best eateries, stores and shops while they return to campus.

October 29 – Happy Halloween

Don’t be scared by a children’s holiday. There are plenty of students, staff and faculty eager to spend their dollars on Halloween products and happenings.

November 5 – Swoop Up the Basketball

It’s hard to find a Miner who is not a basketball fan, and readers swoop up The Prospector’s special Basketball issue to read about their favorite players and the specials you’re offering at your business before, during and after the great Miner basketball games!

November 19 – The Best of UTEP Issue: “The Pick Awards”

Our “Best of UTEP” issue will feature the results of our readers’ poll about their favorite things at UTEP and El Paso. Winners will be spotlighted, and businesses can highlight the reasons why they think they are the best.

December 1 – Winter Break & Graduation

This very popular issue celebrates the coming school break and Winter Graduation. This issue, along with the Spring Graduation issue, are the newspaper’s most popular issues. Highlight your diploma-worthy advertisement in an issue filled with spirit, pride and excitement.


Spring 2014

January 21 – Back to the Books

Well, it was fun while it lasted, but now it’s time to hit the books and make the grade. Everyone will be reading The Prospector to find out what’s happening this spring semester both on and off campus.

February 11 – The Love Issue

Just in time for Valentine’s Day–love, sex and relationships–this issue has it all! The Prospector explores students’ concerns, experiences and questions about romance. Give our readers suggestions on what they should buy for their sweeties on this day of love and friendship.

February 25 – All About Fashion

This issue will educate the campus community on what the latest trends in fashion will be for spring 2014. This issue will include articles about clothing and accessories, and the latest, greatest hair, skin and body essentials.

March 4 – Viva Spring Break!

This lively issue has all the fun and frolic of spring break. It also shows a large and receptive audience that you’ve got the best spring break offers and entertainment experiences just waiting for them.

April 1 – Body & Health: Wellness Issue

This issue provides a special opportunity for yoga facilities, doctors, massage therapists, nutrition and health food businesses and gyms to direct our students, staff and faculty to a healthy lifestyle.

April 22 – Earth Week Issue

As well as UTEP’s traditional recycling efforts, this special issue explores the university’s innovative ecological research that strives to preserve the planet’s natural resources. Let our readers know about your business’ efforts and commitment to saving our planet.

April 29 – Arts & Entertainment

This issue tracks the cultural and social life of UTEP’s campus community. It details the trends and the diversions of the student body and gives you the opportunity to advertise your contributions to the bustling El Paso art scene.

May 6 – A Salute to Our Graduates

This is the issue that all graduates, along with their family and friends, want to pick up to see their name in print. This issue never has any returns, and is your opportunity to highlight your diploma-worthy advertisement surrounded by all the graduation excitement.


Extra Editions

September 13

Orange & Blue Issue

This special issue represents The Prospector at UTEP’s open house for prospective UTEP students. Approximately 6,500 students and their families come on campus to check out what it is like inside UTEP. You won’t want to miss this chance to make the great first impression!

March 2014

New Students, New Opportunities

Beginning in the spring and all summer long, UTEP welcomes new students, who are fresh to campus and ready to acclimate to college life. Take advantage of this opportunity to reach thousands of new students and their parents. Every new student receives this issue with their orientation materials.


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