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Creative Services

The Advertising Design team provides a complimentary service to our clients. Our award winning design team will create your ad or campaign in order to captivate our readers.

All ads and related artwork created by our designers may not be used outside of The Prospector without written permission and proper payment.

 Our designers will create your ad at no additional cost. Any design created by The Prospector is for The Prospector/Minero Magazine use only (this includes design and/or copy/tag lines).

Release of ad or its components for other uses ….$100

Submitting electronic files

The Prospector & Minero Magazine

Electronic files are accepted in the following formats:

  • PDF (preferred)
  • EPS/TIFF (high resolution, 300 dpi, actual size).

If your ad was created in Illustrator, Photoshop or InDesign, please make sure to outline any typefaces/fonts (create outlines).

Ads created in Microsoft Publisher, Power Point, Quark Express will not be accepted. We are not responsible for quality of artwork submitted with low DPI or at the incorrect size.

If an ad was created in Microsoft word, it will only be used as a guideline to recreate the ad. A proof will be sent to client for approval. The client assumes all responsibility for any images submitted.

Ads may be e-mailed to: [email protected]

Space Reservation Deadlines

The Prospector is published on Tuesdays during regular school sessions with the exception of holidays. Deadline to reserve your space is Friday before noon.

We need at least 5 business days before publication to create your ad. Your logos, text and images must be sent to us by this time.

Any cancellations must occur Friday by noon before your scheduled publication.


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Creative Services