The Prospector

General Policies

Contract & Copy Regulations

Student Publications is the umbrella department for The Prospector,, and Minero Magazine.

• All advertising submitted is subject to approval and may be revised, rejected or cancelled at any time. All advertising must be paid for in advance unless the advertiser has established a positive payment history with the department.

• Any advertising simulating editorial style will have the words “Paid Advertisement” added to the top. Placement or page position can be requested, but not guaranteed. All floating ads will be required to have a rule or border around their perimeter.

• The department will not knowingly accept any advertisement that endangers national security, is libelous, promotes academic dishonesty, violates any federal, state or local laws, or encourages discrimination against any individual or group on basis of sex, age, creed, religion, national origin or disability, promotes the abuse of alcohol and gambling, is offensive or in poor taste, is fraudulent, deceptive or obscene. The department reserves the right to refuse any advertisement.

• The advertiser, and if applicable, the advertising agency, assumes liability for all content (including text and illustration). The advertiser or agency also assumes responsibility for any claims made against the department arising from the publication of the advertisement. Submitting an advertisement insertion order signifies agreement of this policy. Advertising agencies assume responsibility for payment of all ads placed in The Prospector. The Prospector assumes no liability, if for any reason it becomes necessary to omit any advertisement.  The Prospector reserves the right to institute such other general policies as may be deemed appropriate at any time.

• The advertiser is responsible for obtaining photo releases from people whose pictures appear in the advertisements.

• Cancellations will not be accepted unless received prior to deadline. If an ad fails to arrive, the department reserves the right to print the name of the business address and phone number of the advertiser and to bill the advertiser for the space contracted.

• If the terms of an advertising contract are not fulfilled by the expiration date, the department will either bill for the remaining inches guaranteed in the ad contract or bill the difference between the open rate and the contract rate for all the inches used. These publications will consider adjustment of payment for any ad involving typographical error or erroneous insertions. Credits are given for the first incorrect insertion only and are limited to the portion of the advertisement in error. Credits shall not exceed the total cost of the advertisement in error.

• Certain copyrighted materials may not be used in the advertisements. Trademarks owned by UTEP include: the UTEP logo, UTEP Pick, Paydirt Pete, the official university seal and designs or photographs of UTEP Miners. If you have any questions regarding this material, please check with our office. Research, term papers, bibliographies and related service-type ads are not accepted for publication.

• Sole responsibility for the content of an ad lies with the advertiser, who un­conditionally agrees to hold The Prospector faultless should claim arise, and to pay for any and all expenses incurred as a result of the publication of such ad.


Credit And Billing Policies

• Student Publications accepts money orders, checks, Visa, MasterCard and American Express.

• All clients must sign an insertion order for acceptability of any ad placement.

• All returned checks will be charged a $25 fee by the UTEP Business Office.  This fee is subject to change without notice.

• A business must have been in operation for more than one year before it is eligible for billing privileges.  A business with less than one year of establishment must prepay for at least six months.  New advertisers must also prepay half of the invoice total to establish billing privileges.  In addition, Student Publications reserves the right to require an advertiser to prepay at any time.

• Accounts with outstanding balances will be billed every 30 days.  A 1.5 percent late charge per month (18% APR) will be assessed for bills not paid within 30 days.  The minimum monthly finance charge is $3.  Account balances older than 60 days will not have continuous placement in the newspaper or magazine, and the balance must be paid before further advertising is accepted for publication.

• Any account in default may be turned over to a collection agency.  If collection services are needed due to non-payment, agency fees will be added to the advertiser’s final bill.  The advertiser is liable for any and all costs incurred because of collection and legal action.

• Political ads must be prepaid.

• All display advertising rates are non-commissionable.  All rates are net to newspaper.

• Political and transient advertisers must pay by certified check or money order in advance. All political and cause advertisements must carry the information required by law. (eg. Paid Political Committee for Jane Doe, Treasurer).

• The department is not responsible for more than one incorrect insertion of any ad, if it is the fault of The Prospector (the department must be notified before the second appearance of the ad).

• Student Publications reserves the right to sell special promotional packages that carry special rates.

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General Policies