The Prospector

Online Classifieds

The Prospector offers a unique demographic to advertisers. UTEP faculty, staff and students turn to the online classifieds for job opportunities, tutoring, apartments, cars and other merchandise. Classified ads are posted to our online site

All classifieds will be posted for one week.
Local….40¢ per word
Local Business…45¢ per word
Out-of-Town Business…60¢ per word
Bold & caps – 15¢ extra per word

UTEP Students, Alumni, Staff & Faculty….30¢ per word (For personal use only, does not include business related advertising.)

All classifieds ads need to be a minimum of 10 words and should be paid for when submitted. All ads must be prepaid by check made out to The Prospector or by credit card by visiting our office. There are no refunds on paid classified ads.



Assayer of Student Opinion.
Online Classifieds