Assayer of Student Opinion.

The Prospector

Online Ads publishes breaking news, sports and entertainment stories, blogs and multimedia projects daily. Your advertising and promotions will be available to potential clients 24/7 wherever they are and wherever they go.

Monthly RatesWEBADS_Page_1

Top Leaderboard (728×90)…..$425 month
Top Tile (200×90)….$225 month
These two ad spots will not be shared with any other advertiser.

Side Rectangle 1 (300×250)…. $350 month
Side Rectangle 2 (300×250)…. $300 month
Side Rectangle 3 (300×250)…$250 month

Copy for online advertisements is due 5 days prior to date it is scheduled to go live. Up to 3 advertisers can rotate throughout the site pages in each Side Rectangle ad spot. Ads can be sold on a per week, per month, or per year basis. Ask your Account Executive for details.


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Assayer of Student Opinion.
Online Ads