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The Prospector

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The Prospector has been serving UTEP’s community since 1915. Winning numerous awards, both editorial and advertising, The Prospector is read regularly by UTEP students, staff and faculty. The Prospector covers on-campus and off-campus news, entertainment and sports events. We always strive to have the best newspaper possible.

Staff Spring 2017 

Michaela Román, Editor-in-Chief

Christian Vasquez, Copy Editor

Leslie Sarinana, Entertainment Editor

Jason Green, Sports Editor

Gaby Velasquez, Photo Editor

Adrian Broaddus, Web Editor

Andres Martinez, Multimedia Editor

Claudia Hernandez, Staff Photographer

Nina Titovets, Staff Photographer

Grecia Sanchez, Staff Reporter

Rene A. Delgadillo, Staff Reporter

Mike Flores, Staff Reporter

Gloria Heredia, Contributor

Ashley M. Muñoz, Student Assistant Work-Study

Jacobo De La Rosa, Design & Layout Manager

Malia Greene, Student Assistant Work-Study

Vanessa Guevara, Ad Designer

Laura Chaidez, Ad Designer

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Assayer of Student Opinion.
About Us